Using the New Job Form module the user can create a new job with job specific information. By providing the Work Order # the user can bundle jobs into a single work order. If the Work Order # field is left blank then a new work order will be generated upon creation of the job. Optionally, tasks can be added to a job using the “Job Tasks” field.

Certain fields can be configured to display matching data from previous jobs once the user inserts a few characters into the field. The customer can then choose to select matching data in the matching list. This feature allows for the entire form to be filled automatically for previously done jobs. Upon selection of the matching data, the user is displayed the history of jobs done for the matching data.

To create a new Job:

  1. Fill in all the required fields (defined in bold)
  2. Add additional data into the optional fields as needed
  3. Click on the “Create New Job” button