With the Calendar & Scheduler module, the user can view jobs in their current status based on a 12-hour grid. The calendar may also be used to schedule new jobs or reschedule ongoing jobs. The jobs can be assigned to a specific technician, a group of technicians or to a contractor. For the dispatchers’ convenience technicians and/or contractors are divided into branches. Branches are fully customizable and can be configured to a location and/or job type.

The calendar is divided into a 12-hour grid for Daytime and Nighttime jobs. To switch between Daytime and Nighttime the user may click on the single arrow at the date selection/calendar field or use buttons the “Night” / “Day” buttons located just above the calendar grid. The user may also click on the double arrows to switch between a 24 hour period or use the calendar icon to select a date.

There are three types of the calendar:

  • Full Calendar (displays calendars both Technicians and Contractors)
  • Technicians Only (displays only calendars of Technicians)
  • Contractors Only (displays only calendars of Contractors)

There are three ways to assign/re-assign a job to a technician, group of technicians or a contractor within the calendar module:

  • Within the grid, the user can drag and drop a job to an empty timeslot of the same or another technician or a group of technicians.
  • The user may drag and drop a job from “Unfinished jobs”  list onto an empty timeslot for a technician or group of technicians on the calendar grid or to a contractor.
  • The user may open the job window by left clicking on a job within the calendar or “Unfinished jobs”  list and selecting a technician, group of technicians or a contractor in the details tab.

A contractor is an external entity performing duties to the company. When a job is assigned to a contractor, a request for the job is sent to the contracting party which can be accepted or rejected from the contractor's side. Multiple jobs can be assigned to a contractor to the same time period.

The calendar also allows the user to assign time off for a technician. Assigning time off will block off the timeslot for the date and time the technician will be unavailable and will prevent jobs being assigned to them during the timeframe.

To set Time Off for a technician:

  1. Click on an empty timeslot on the calendar grid and the Time Off window will appear.
  2. On the Time Off window, the user can select the date and that the technician will be unavailable.
  3. The user can choose to add a note and/or make the assigned time off visible to the technician.
  4. Click on the “Create” button

Note: To change the time-off date or time the previously set time off must be deleted.

To quickly change the status of a job to On Hold or Unscheduled the user can drag and drop a job from the calendar grid or from the Unfinished Job list onto the “Hold Area” or “Unscheduled Area” to change its status.

In the “Day Totals” section the user can get reports on how many jobs are Received, Completed, Recalled, Canceled, Service Calls during the day.

The calendar has very fast and responsive search feature which can be used to find jobs matching the search criteria.