The Job Type Manager allows for the user to create job types and assign them abbreviations. Job types are used during the creation of new jobs while the abbreviations are displayed on the calendar grid.

To create new job type:

  1. Enter the name of the new job type into the “Job Type” field
  2. Optionally add an abbreviation for the new job type
  3. Click on the “Add Job Type” button

The user can update a job type by clicking on the “Update” button for the associated job type after making the necessary changes. If the job type has not been previously assigned to a job then the user can delete the job type otherwise the job type can be archived for reference purposes by clicking on the “Archive” or “Delete” buttons.

To de-archive a job type, open the drop-down below the Job Type field displaying the Current Job Types option, selecting the Archived Job Types option and clicking on the “De-Archive” button.