With the Quick Stats Manager, the user can create and customize icons to retrieve and display a basic statistic of various object types. The quick stats icons can be configured to be either Personal or Global. Additionally, global quick stats icons can be configured to be available only to certain user role types. The icons can be configured to be displayed on the top or to the right of the work area.

To create a quick stats icon:

  1. Click on the “Create Quick Stat Icon” button
  2. Enter a name for the icon into “Title” field
  3. Select the quick stats icon type
  4. Optionally select “Roles” to be displayed the quick stats icon (available for global quick stats only)
  5. Select a “Base object
  6. Click inside of the rule area to set the stat icon rules
  7. Select the “Display position
  8. Select the “Display color theme
  9. Optionally select the “Warning number
  10. Select the “Warning color theme
  11. Optionally check the “Display grayed out icon if no results are returned” checkbox to display icon even when no results match the rule
  12. Click “Create” button

The user can modify a quick stats icon by clicking on the “Edit” button. To remove a quick stats icon click on the “Delete” button.