In this module, the user can create notification messages which will be sent to a selected user or group of users. The history of notifications previously sent by the user is displayed in the notifications list.

Notifications can be sent to specific roles, roles within a branch, a branch regardless of role types, groups of technicians, individual users, contractors or a combination of these options. Notifications can be set to be dismissible or set to expire after a particular date.

To create a new notification:

  1. Click on the “Create Notification” button
  2. Enter a “Title” for the notification
  3. Select the “Priority
  4. Select whether the notification is dismissable
  5. Optionally set an expiration date for the notification (required if notification is set not to be dismissable)
  6. Select the user or group of users for which the notification will be sent (a combination of users or groups may be used)
  7. Enter the notification text into the “Message” field
  8. Click on the “Send” button to send out the notification