In this section, the user can create a variety of Business Rules for the company’s needs. This allows for the software to be customised to the client's business process regardless of if the software offers a specific feature out-of-the-box. Business rules are set to an event type and are invoked before or after the event occurs according to the configuration. Custom business rules can be paused or resumed at anytime after their creation. The user can narrow down the list of existing business rules by using the filters provided.

To create a new business rule:

  1. Click on the “Create Business Rule” button
  2. Enter a “Title” of the rule
  3. Select an “Event Type
  4. Click inside of the rule area to define the rule
  5. Optionally check the “Pause this rule” checkbox to pause it on creation
  6. Click on the “Create” button

Any rule can be paused or resumed by clicking Pause or Resume button. The user can modify a business rule by clicking on the “Edit” button or remove a business rule by clicking on the “Delete” button.