The Dashboard tab allows the user to create and customize dashboards. Widgets can be added to a dashboard to display various types of charts presenting performance or statistics. Dashboards can also be set up to display the data live.

To create a new dashboard:

  1. Enter a name for the dashboard into the “New Dashboard Title” field
  2. Click on the “Create Dashboard” button

To add a new widget to the dashboard:

  1. Select a dashboard
  2. Click on the “Add widget” button
  3. Select the desired type of widget on the “Widget Creator” window
  4. Select the type of data to be displayed in the “Select widget objective” field
  5. Customize the rule as needed by clicking on the rule area
  6. Select the criteria by which the data will be displayed in the “Select widget basis” field
  7. Select additional criteria by which the data will be filtered/grouped by in the “Group by” field
  8. Name the widget
  9. Select the"Real time widget" checkbox to have the chart updated in real time
  10. Click on the “Create Widget” button

The chart size can be modified to the user’s liking as well as put in order of importance.

The charts within a dashboard can be viewed by clicking on the  “View” button. The dashboard may also be shared with other users.