The Language Manager allows the user to set custom labels instead of the default labels across the mobile and desktop apps. The user can use the “Search Criteria” field to filter the list to display only the labels containing the provided word or phrase. The user can also do a mass replace of the word or phrase using the “Replace With” field in conjunction with the search feature. Additionally, the user may import additional languages using the provided template.

To customize a label:

  1. Select the Language which you want to customize from the dropdown list (a new custom language will be created when modifying the default language)
  2. Expand the group of labels to which the label belongs
  3. Replace the current label name with a new name
  4. Click on the “Save Changes” button

The user can cancel the changes made by clicking on the “Cancel” button. To delete a language the user can select a language from the dropdown list and click on the “Remove Selected Language” button. English, being the default language cannot be removed.

To upload a new language the user must download the template by clicking on the “Download” button. The changes can be made using a spreadsheet editor. Once the changes have been made and the file is ready the user can upload the new language by locating and selecting the file using the “Choose File” button and clicking on the “Upload” button.