The contractor manager allows the user to create user accounts for contractors, store and view their basic details, set their permissions and configure their settings. Contractors can be assigned “Branches”, “Job Types” and “Zip Codes”, these fields could have single or multiple selections. If no branches, job types or zip codes are assigned to the user then the user will not have any limitations within that criteria.

To create a new contractor:

  1. Enter the “Company Name
  2. Enter the “Administrative Email
  3. Optionally, provide the Field Complete ID if the user exists in another database to import the user’s details
  4. Click on the “Create Contractor” button
  5. Optionally, upload the contractor’s photo (click on the “Choose File” button select a file and click on the “Upload” button)
  6. Provide the contractor’s basic details as needed
  7. Set the permissions for the contractor using the checkboxes
  8. Set the maximum number of incomplete jobs that the contractor may have assigned at a given time
  9. Assign a rank to the contractor (with a higher rank the contractor will appear higher in the dropdown list in the job creation module)
  10. Optionally, assign one or more branches to the contractor
  11. Optionally, assign one or more job types to the contractor
  12. Optionally, assign one or more ZIP codes to the contractor
  13. Click on the “Update” button

Using this module the user can also reset the contractor’s login credentials by clicking on the “Reset Login” button, archive an inactive contractor using the “Archive” button, delete a contractor which has not been previously assigned a job using the "Delete" button or force a contractor out of the system using the “Force Log Оut” button.