The Channel Manager allows the user to create new channels, configure the settings for a particular channel, create and send new invoices, apply payments to invoices, and view invoice history. The total of invoice-ready work orders will appear next to the channel’s name in the channel list with the total of unpaid invoices beside it.

To create a new channel

  1. Enter a new name for a channel into the “Display Name” field
  2. Click on the “Create Channel” button

If the channel exists within Field Complete the user can provide the Field Complete ID upon creation of the new channel to pull configuration data from the existing channel.


Once the channel has been created the user can click on the Settings tab within the Channel Manager screen. Here the user can modify the channel legal and display names, set the channel type as well as configure other payment and invoice settings. The channel types can be only one of the following: “Billable” - the company sends out an invoice to the channel for payment of service or “Chargeable” - the services are paid for by the tenant. To save the changes the user must click on the “Update” button.

Creating New Invoices:

If the channel has any invoice-ready work orders then the user will be displayed in the invoice-ready list under the Create New Invoice section. The user can then select the work order, provide the email of recipients, provide related information, and then send out the invoice using the “Create and Send” button. Optionally the user can create a draft invoice by selecting the “Create draft invoice” option in the Delivery Option drop-down.

Channel Invoices:

Sent out invoices will appear under the Channel Invoices list. Once the invoice has been paid the user can set the invoice as paid by clicking on the invoice within the list of unpaid invoices and clicking on the “Apply Payment” button. Within the opened window the user must provide payment details and the payment amount and click on the “Apply” button to apply the payment to the invoice. Click on the “Save” button to save the changes. Payments can be applied to multiple invoices simultaneously.