The Branch Manager allows the user to create and manage the organization’s branches within the system. This allows work orders and jobs to be tracked separately and makes it easier to assign jobs to the right technicians. The user can limit the job types that can be created for a branch by assigning eligible job types to the branch. Additionally, the user can limit the area which a branch covers by assigning zip codes to the branch.

To create a new branch:

  1. Enter the “Branch Name
  2. Click on the “Create Branch” button
  3. Optionally, add notes as needed
  4. Optionally, set the Sort Order (lower number appears higher in the list)
  5. Optionally, assign specific job types to the branch using the drop-down
  6. Optionally, assign eligible ZIP codes to the branch using the drop-down
  7. Click on the “Update” button to save the changes

 Branches for which no jobs have been created can be removed using the “Delete” button. Branches for which jobs have previously been created can be archived using the “Archive” button. To view, the archived branches click on the drop-down above the list of “Current Branches” and select the “Archived Branches” option. To de-archive, a branch, select an archived branch and click on the “De-Archive” button.